New York City Gov. Cuomo says Trump is ‘actively trying to kill New York City’ – CNBC

8September 2020

A fuming Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday for”actively trying to kill New York City”while airing a long list of other complaints about how the Empire State has been dealt with by the federal government. Cuomo criticized the president for refusing to approve or fund jobs that the guv

has championed, such as a proposed AirTrain to LaGuardia Airport, the Second Opportunity subway line and stopping working to supply more federal coronavirus aid for the state and city. “This is a war on cities. … It is an unsustainable position for the federal government,”Cuomo stated at a news instruction.” Either this president will figure it out, or the next president will figure it out. If the Congress doesn’t figure it out, there’ll be mayhem in this nation and there will be a different Congress in January. That is my political opinion.”Cuomo, a Democrat, also criticized Trump’s signing of the Republican-backed cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes, known as SALT. The guv stated SALT”targeted “New York City’s tax base. Professionals say taxpayers in coastal states, such as New York City, New Jersey and California, have felt the brunt of the$ 10,000 cap

on the detailed deduction for state and local taxes– an essential piece of the tax plan Trump signed into law in 2017. In their proposal for another round of pandemic-related federal government stimulus, House Democrats tucked in an arrangement that would remove the SALT cap in 2020 and 2021. Cuomo went on to implicate the president of causing” the Covid outbreak in New York, “adding that the federal ban on travel from Europe was “insufficient, too late.

“The guv also criticized the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention as”inexperienced.””Gov. Cuomo seems paranoid. Every time New York and New York City City has needed something, President Trump has provided,”White House spokesman Judd Deere stated in a statement to CNBC.”

The only people trying to harm New York City are the liberal political leaders and their stopped working big federal government policies.”In March, New York City became the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. prior to it had the ability to slow transmission by closing inessential businesses. To date

, the infection has contaminated more than 440,000 people in the state and eliminated at least 33,000, according to data put together by Johns Hopkins University. Considering that the peak of the outbreak in April, the state has handled to bring the infection mostly under control. New York’s death toll from the

early outbreak break out accounts for roughly Approximately %of all confirmed Verified fatalities in the countryNation according to Johns Hopkins dataInformation Cuomo explained the state’s current success in controlling the outbreak as “an apparent outlier”when compared to the remainder of the nation.” And now, no federal funds for New York City and New York State post-Covid,”Cuomo stated.”Donald Trump triggered the Covid outbreak in New York. Donald Trump triggered the Covid outbreak in New York. That is a reality!”Recently, Trump ordered federal agencies to look for methods to limit financing to Democrat-led cities, consisting of New York City, because of what he stated was city and state management’s failure in some cities to manage current

rises in violent criminal offenses. In the memo, Trump explained such cities as “anarchist jurisdictions.””Trump is actively trying to kill New York City. It’s individual,”Cuomo added Tuesday. “I believe it’s mental. He is trying to kill New York City.”Source:

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